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Face Mask Sanitizer Washington DC

CROWN/ARMOR- Best Antiviral spray for face mask in Washington D.C

CROWN/ARMOR- It is an antiviral barrier spray containing natural ingredients that aim to create a 99.9% effective barrier against viruses. Use this spray on your face mask as this spray adds an extra layer of protection against viruses. Our antiviral barrier spray is the best to turn your regular mask into an antiviral face mask in Washington D.C.

CROWN/ARMOR has proven to be effective in reducing the infection risk from viruses when it comes in contact with face masks, coverings, and surfaces. It creates a protective barrier against a great variety of viruses and bacterias, including coronaviruses. It is an effective spray to create an antibacterial face mask in Washington D.C. The antiviral spray is safe to use for everyone.

When applied on face masks, and surfaces, not only does it minimize the infection and virus transmission, but also increases the protective life of the face mask. To reduce the risk of virus transmission on your face masks, this spray acts as a great face mask sanitizer in Washington D.C. CROWN/ARMOR is an environmental-friendly product. All the ingredients used for creating this antiviral barrier spray is FDA GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) certified.

The spray contains no chemicals, synthetics, bleach, or alcohol. This is the best spray that provides help in reducing virus transmission and acts as a great face mask sanitizer in Washington D.C for face masks and coverings.

CROWN/ARMOR- the spray is used for applying on face masks, coverings, and face coverings. Its application will improve preventative capabilities. Your face masks will become more protected with a layer of this spray on them. With this spray, you will extend the lifespan of your mask. CROWN/ARMOR is an all-natural spray solution you need that helps in surface disinfection. Since it is an all-natural spray, you can use it on the surface of the face mask for Disinfecting in Washington D.C without worrying about chemical inhalation.


Our firm has conducted over 20 years of extensive research on natural antiviral ingredients. Through which we created a formulation, named CROWN/ARMOR. We bet, you won’t need another face mask cleaner in Washington D.C that is better than this. This bioactive formulation creates a physical barrier that has been found to be protective against several virus strains, including coronaviruses. Spray it on surfaces, face masks, and other face coverings, to disinfect the virus. When you apply this antiviral spray on your face masks, it adds a layer of protection that stops the viruses from getting attached to your masks.

Several studies published have revealed that CROWN/ARMOR spray product is formulated with virucidal efficacy. This means it reduces the infection rate of many virus strains in vivo and vitro. CROWN/ARMOR was also tested against coronavirus that causes SARS and it was found to be virucidal. Thus, its use on a face mask is will help in face mask disinfecting in Washington D.C. The application of this spray on a face mask was found to be very protective against viruses. As the spray stopped the virus from penetrating its surface with a 99.9% efficacy rate.


CROWN/ARMOR is an antiviral spray product that is created to reduce the transmission of viruses that affect the lives of many people. We aim to provide this product to as many as people who are more vulnerable to viruses or who need it most. A percentage of our profits will be donated to the section of societies of greatest need.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to collaborate with us to aid communities that are vulnerable to infections and viruses.